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Staff Benefits

Staff Benefits

We know that teaching and working in schools can be hugely rewarding, but at times tiring and  challenging. We recognise that our staff give a lot to the Federation, their colleagues, our children and young adults across the schools, as well as their families. As a thank you, through our staff benefits, we hope to offer various ways to ensure that all staff that work for the Federation enjoy a healthy work-life balance. 

Staff development and Training

The Federation is committed to the continuing professional development of all staff. The Federation offers part-funding for its staff to undertake qualifications that will support their development in their role. We will consider proposals submitted to your line manager for any relevant part-funded professional development. 

Atlas Teaching School is a core part of the Federation.  The Atlas team lead on our professional development for staff and provides excellent training to schools and academies including Haberdashers' Aske's Federation schools. Atlas provides offers a range of courses and qualifications.  These courses include a range of National Professional Qualifications (NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH and NPQEL), Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP), Inclusive Leadership, Schools Direct and many more.

An excellent collaboration training day organised each year is the Haberdashers' Aske's Federation Conference. A variety of staff and external facilitators host sessions to develop the skills of each and every member of staff. Take a look inside the Federation Conference 2020.

In order to further provide professional development and knowledge-sharing opportunities for our staff, the Federation provides staff with the opportunity to apply for secondment. This could be to another school within the Federation, or to another school or organisation outside of our own.

Flexible and family friendly

We know it can be challenging finding the right work-life balance. We want the very best people to work in the Haberdashers' Aske's Federation and so we want to support flexible working.  We are able to consider flexible and family friendly working opportunities to include part-time, term-time working and job-sharing arrangements. Our term dates operate slightly differently to other state schools, which means that that you can sometimes enjoy extra holidays!

If you have worked for the Federation for 26 weeks' continuous service then you can request flexible working for consideration. Flexible working could include number of hours that you work, a request for a change to the pattern of hours, a request to job share or a request to perform some or all of the work from your home. All requests are considered.


Pensions are an important part of our life planning. We understand that and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access the right pension scheme for you.

When you join the Haberdashers' Aske's Federation, you are eligible to join the relevant pension scheme. If you are a Teacher, that is the Teachers' Pension Scheme or it might be the Local Government Pension Scheme depending on your role. Teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments are also available. As a new employee, we will help you through the process and make sure you apply for the right scheme.

Season ticket travel loans and Cycle Scheme

The Federation offers season ticket loans so that its staff members can take advantage of discounted annual fares for travelling to work by public transport. Applications will be considered on an individual basis and will be repaid through salary deductions for ten months.

We encourage all staff to walk or cycle to work if possible. As such, the Federation is part of the Ride2Work scheme, which allows staff to obtain huge discounts, via tax allowances, for the purchase of a bicycle. Our partner is Evans Cycles and  all details can be accessed via their website.

Computer Loan Scheme and Microsoft Office

 We all like to work at a good computer. It makes life easier doesn't it? But we can't all afford to buy a new PC or laptop on top of other monthly bills and costs? That's why the Haberdashers' Aske's Federation provides staff with the opportunity to purchase computer and other IT equipment.

The Computer Purchase Scheme works by allowing you to purchase a computer through the Federation and then the cost of this is taken back in monthly installments from your salary. So that means if you spot your best Dell, Acer, Mac, Intel (or other) device,  then it could be yours!

All staff employed by the Federation are eligible to participate in Microsoft's Home User Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of Microsoft Office desktop PC applications to install and use on your home computer. 

The Home Use Programme allows employees of eligible companies to buy an annual subscription to Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal at a discount for use on your personal devices.


Discounts for Teachers has been introduced following the success of Health Service Discounts and Discounts for Carers, . As Federation staff (not just teachers), you can access a vast range of discounts and deals when you register online.

02 offers staff exclusive perks and discounts on phones, tablets and accessories. Any customers on plans below 3GB can also enjoy a discount of 30%

Apple offers education pricing for teachers and staff at all levels so when you join Haberdashers' Aske's Federation as any member of staff you are eligible for a substantial discount! Verify your staff status to shop with education pricing at apple.com

Health and Wellbeing

Balancing everyday life with the requirements of work and home can create pressures for all of us. Work is a large part of people's lives. With increasing working hours as well as technological developments to support remote working, it is vital to ensure that there's a productive, healthy environment that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. 

All employees have free access to a 24-hour confidential counselling service, designed to help individuals deal with a range of personal and general problems. Some of the key features of this service include:

  • confidential emotional support and counselling available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • up to six sessions of face-to-face or telephone counselling
  • access to online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • management consultation to support those responsible for managing others
  • specialist information on work-life balance
  • financial and legal information
  • information on local services such as elder care and childcare

Employee's also have access to an online health portal which can be found where you can find advice on a range of subjects e.g. nutrition, fitness and medical factsheets. 

 The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers' 

Every new member of staff attends an induction day at the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers' prestigious Hall. The Haberdashers' Company are our chief benefactors and one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London.

Pupils often benefit from this relationship, but as new member of staff joining the Haberdashers' Aske's Federation, you are joining a rich history and you will become part of the wider Haberdashers' family of schools. Staff are often recommended by their colleagues or managers to attend special events at the Hall, such as the annual Aske's Lecture and other special events.

Members of the Haberdashers' Company have a wealth of experience and often mentor students and staff and contribute to curriculum topics bringing their experience to the classroom.