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Contact Us

Haberdashers' Academies Trust South - Central Services and CEO's Office

The details below can be used to contact a member of our central services team who work in the following areas; central leadership; governance; finance; IT; data and insights; communications; school improvement; professional learning (Habs Institute); human resources

Email | habstrust@haaf.org.uk
Phone | 020 7652 9516 

Postal Address (Trust and Central Office)

Haberdashers' Academies Trust South 
Hatcham College, Jerningham Road, London SE14 5NY

Registered Name and Address of the Trust

Haberdashers' Aske's Federation Trust 
135 Pepys Road, London SE14 5SF

Contact our Schools 


Crayford Academy  01322 402 180 creception@haaf.org.uk  www.habscrayford.org.uk
Crayford Temple Grove 01322 402 186 ctgadmin@haaf.org.uk  www.habscrayfordtg.org.uk 
Slade Green Temple Grove  01322 402 188 sgtgadmin@haaf.org.uk  www.habssladegreentg.org.uk 
Hatcham College  020 7652 9510 hreception@haaf.org.uk  www.habshatcham.org.uk 
Hatcham Temple Grove  020 7652 9560 htgadmin@haaf.org.uk  www.habshatchamtg.org.uk 
Hatcham Temple Grove Free Schoo 020 7652 9532 htgfsreception@haaf.org.uk  www.habshatchamtgfree.org.uk 
Knights Academy  020 8461 9240 kreception@haaf.org.uk  www.habsknights.org.uk 
Knights Temple Grove  020 8461 9249 ktgadmin@haaf.org.uk  www.habsknightstg.org.uk 
Borough Academy  020 3764 1321 boroughacademy@haaf.org.uk  www.habsborough.org.uk