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s Borough Academy 2IC Music Teacher Southwark Secondary

/s Borough Academy : 2IC Music Teacher @ Southwark * Secondary

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  • Location: Borough Academy 
  • Closing Date: 23rd May 2022
  • Starting Date: 1st September 2022
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We believe that every child is a musician and that music is a crucial part of all our students’ education and experience. As such, every KS3 student at Borough receives a weekly double music lesson. This includes an innovative Band Project where all students learn instrumental and ensemble skills.


The department relies on its staff to commit to both curricular and extracurricular music to enable as many students as possible to engage and benefit from the joy of making and appreciating a variety of music. This includes choirs and instrumental ensembles as well as an annual musical, which this year is Joseph and last year was the Lion King.


Alongside this runs our instrumental lessons with a team of high-quality tutors. We are determined that pupils are taught by individuals who are committed to their academic and practical progress and ensure that accessibility and achievement are always aspired to.


We are looking for an individual who understands that all children are entitled to be successful in this critical area of knowledge and skill. Lessons must be well planned and always musical, teaching must be consistently good or better, and marking and feedback must be of a very high quality. NQT’s and experienced candidates are invited to apply.